About Me

Hi, I’m Derek Kedziora.

I left the US as a fresh graduate in 2009 and have been on the road ever since. I’ve lived in Ukraine, China and Saudi Arabia.

See what I’m up to now.

Professional Background

My passion is linguistics and teaching English as a foreign language. Check out my English page to see some of my teaching materials.

I’ve ventured into the IT world as a technical writer and editor. I’m slowly working on increasing my technical skills on the side.

I do freelance teaching, writing, editing and consulting. Get in touch if you’re interested in working with me.


I love experimenting with life. I’ve been practicing Buddhism since 2012, so am interested in anything related to meditation, the mind and hacking happiness.

My blog posts are an eclectic collection of ideas and tests I run on myself. I’ve tried everything from paleo to vegan, distance running, teaching myself languages and dipping my toe into the digital nomad lifestyle.

If you’re also into any these, reach out and let’s chat.