Why Thirty is not the new Twenty


Ted Talk by Meg Jay

Pre-Listening Question


kick the can down the road (idiom)
twentysomething, [x]something (noun)
date down (set expression)
knucklehead (noun)
sweet spot (noun phrase)
blow it (verb phrase)
defining moment (noun phrase)
who you will become (note the translation and context)
to count (metaphorical sense)
musical chairs (noun phrase)
beget (-got, -gotten)
walk down the aisle (idiom)

Main Activity

Listen to the TED Talk for gist to answer the following questions:

  1. What is identity capital?
  2. Why does the speaker say the urban tribe is overrated?
  3. How can a young person maximize their twenties?
  4. Are gap years a waste of time or do they build identity capital?