Be Kind


Blog post by Brian Gilham

Pre-reading Questions


wrap [s/th] up (regular verb)
beat [self] up over [s/th], (beat, beaten)
blow [s/th], (blew, blown)
let [s/b] down (let, let)
bring [s/th] up (brought, brought)
give [s/b] the space [to do s/th], (set phrase)
screw [s/th] up, (regular verb)
jump in (regular verb)
think back to [s/th], (thought, thought)
give [s/b] a break, (gave, given)

Main Activity

Read the blog post to answer the questions below:

Language Questions

  1. Why is past perfect rather than only past simple used in the narrative?
  2. Is this piece closer to written or spoken English? How can you tell and what are some differences between the two?

Content Questions

  1. Would you have taken the same approach as Kevin did?
  2. In what situations is using Kevin’s approach the right way to handle a problem; when would a different approach be better?