Code that I'm Ashamed of


Business Insider article about ethical coding
Dark Patterns is an example of some self-regulation among developers

Pre-Reading Question

  1. What bodies could and should regulate professional ethics?


skirt (regular verb)
faulty (adj.)
face heat for s/th (set expression)
fire-and-brimstone (adjective phrase)
shady (adj.)
[stand / back] down [from s/th], (phrasal verb)
cop-out (nominalized verb)
insatiable (adj.)

Main Activity

Read the article to answer the following questions:

  1. Who is ultimately responsible for unethical business practices, the managers who give the orders or the employees who execute them?
  2. The article proposes two solutions to the issues raised. What are they and could either be particularly effective?
  3. In a broader sense, how can ethics be taught in a professional context?
  4. Would Taleb’s “skin in the game” work here?