Good vs. Great Leaders


Interview with James Collins from knowledge@wharton

Pre-reading Questions

  1. What traits does a great leader or manager typically posses?
  2. What does the word humility mean? It is difficult to translate, because смирение is too religious while скромность carries a sense of shyness and unassertiveness that is lacking in humility.


at the helm (noun phrase)
anathema (noun)
settle for s/th (verb phrase)
empirical (adj.), empirically (adv.)
mediocre (adj.)
turnaround (noun)
turn [a/the] corner (verb phrase)
self-aggrandizement (uncountable noun)
implode (regular verb)
reserved (adj.)

Main Activity

Read the interview to answer the following questions:

  1. What is the difference between level five and four leadership?
  2. Why do we tend to notice level four leaders and overlook level five leaders?
  3. How can humility and drive be identified in a candidate?
  4. What actionable points does Collins give us?