News is Bad for You


Editorial by Rolf Dobelli in The Guardian

Pre-Reading Questions

  1. How does reading the news help your life?
  2. How much news is a reasonable amount to consume?


[over]abundance (uncountable noun)
mislead (-led, -led)
[ir]relevant (adj.)
below [under] the radar (set expression)
trigger (regular verb)
[chronic / acute] stress (noun phrase)
tunnel-vision (noun phrase)
cognitive error (noun phrase)
inhibit (regular verb)
[shallow / deep] thinker (noun phrase)
desensitized (ed / ing adj.)
news junkie (noun phrase)

Main Activity

Read Dobelli’s argument against consuming news for gist to analyze his argument:

Questions for further discussion:

  1. Do you agree with Dobelli that overconsumption of the news has caused problems in society?
  2. How can you balance being informed while avoiding the pitfalls of consuming too much news?
  3. How can you keep yourself from paying more attention to what’s new rather than what’s relevant?