Online Shaming Culture


TED Talk by Jon Ronson online shaming
NY Times column by Ronson
An argument by Ryan Holiday that online shaming is a positive thing


disgraced (adj, ed = person, -ful = source)
dehumanize (regular verb)
hanging judge (noun phrase)
privilege (noun, often uncountable)
treat water (set expression)
dismantle (regular verb)
mock (regular verb)
[extra]judicial (adj.)
mangle (regular verb), mangled (adj.)
transgression (noun)

Main Activity

Listen to the TED Talk for gist to answer the following questions:

This isn’t social justice. It’s a cathartic alternative.

The great thing about social media was how it gave a voice to voiceless people, but we’re now creating a surveillance society, where the smartest way to survive is to go back to being voiceless.