Quit Social Media


NY Times piece by Cal Newport
The same material presented in a TEDx Talk
A follow-up blog post by Newport defining social media

Pre-Reading Questions

  1. Is social media necessary for a modern career?
  2. What is the opportunity cost of using social media?


outlier (noun)
run counter to s/th (verb phrase)
misguided (adj, result. source = misleading)
dubious (adj.)
snake oil (noun phase)
hone (regular verb)
scarce (adj.)
persistent (adj.) persistently (adv.)
hit, fix (= dosage of a drug)
divert (regular verb)
seductive (adj.) seduce (regular verb)
trivial (adj.)
have a good run (verb phrase)

Main Activity

Read the article for deep comprehension to answer the questions below. Alternatively, you could do the same activity after listening to the TEDx Talk.

  1. What are Cal Newport’s main arguments against using social media?
  2. Do you agree with his statement that modern knowledge work requires deep concentration?
  3. What are some other ways that concentration skills can be nourished?
  4. Do you ultimately agree with his argument against social media?