The Ruthless Boss


Blog post from The Simple Dollar

Pre-reading Question


ruthless (adj.)
rule with an iron fist
mutiny (adj, regular verb)
be on the receiving end of s/th
heed (regular verb)
bolster (regular verb)
hormetic stress
turnover (n.), high / low turnover rate
put the fear of God into s/b
big box, inc.
fight or flight mode
burning the candle at both ends

Main Activity

Read the blog post to do the following activity:

  1. Do you think this post is well written?
  2. The article contains over a thousand words, many of them extraneous. There are numerous digressions, long stories and extended metaphors. What are the merits of using such writing devices?
  3. Copy the text into a text editor. Your goal is to make the text as short as possible while still maintaining the most important points of the original article. You may delete anything you feel can be removed, but please don’t add anything other than punctuation.