Virtue Signaling


Short read about virtue signaling
Rage Profiteering is monetizing virtue signaling

Pre-reading Questions

  1. Why do people publicly share political and ethical opinions? For example, Yao Ming has engaged in a campaign against eating shark-fin soup.
  2. How does your opinion of somebody change if they hold the “right” or “wrong” view on something?


virtue (noun)
disgust (noun, regular verb), disgusted (ed/ing adj.)
tirade (noun)
befall (-fell, -fallen)
rage (regular verb, uncountable noun)
vent [your] anger (verb phrase)
vanity (uncountable noun)
boast (regular verb)
Holy Writ (noun phrase)

Main Activity

Read the article for deep comprehension to answer the following questions:

  1. What is virtue signaling?
  2. What are some examples of virtue signaling?
  3. How could you prevent yourself from doing (or is this even a good goal to have?) and what could you replace it with?