Vocational Training vs. University


Time Magazine article TED Talk by Mike Rowe about the lack of skilled labor in the US

Pre-reading Question


college: in American English this usually means university
vocational training (noun phrase)
opt for s/th (regular verb)
small potatoes (set expression)
churn out (regular verb)
backbone of s/th (noun phrase)
apprentice (personal noun), apprenticeship (noun)
s/th wouldn’t fly (set expression)

Main Activity

Read the article to answer the following questions:

  1. If you had the choice between massive student debt or a low-cost vocational program, which would you choose?
  2. Should the Swiss model be exported to other countries?
  3. Does a university education actually prepare a person for a modern knowledge-based job?
  4. What professions couldn’t be trained through a vocational school?