The Weird Western Workplace


BBC article

Pre-Reading Questions

  1. If you were a proverbial Martian anthropologist, what would you find unusual about your office culture?
  2. What does an immigrant need to know before working in your culture?


stand out (phrasal verb)
settle in (phrasal verb)
grab a [sandwich, drink, bite to eat, etc.], (set expression)
startling (ing / ed adj.)
put on the brake (set expression)
speak up (phrase verb)
brood (regular verb)
stand up for s/th (phrasal verb)
outlook (noun)

Main Activity

Read the BBC article to answer the following questions:

  1. What do many Chinese people find different about European work culture?
  2. How are attitudes towards the West among newer expats different to attitudes twenty years ago?
  3. Do Ukrainians face similar issues when working abroad?