About Me

I’m a writer in tech: everything from UX writing, content strategy, marketing and documentation. Before that, I was English teacher.

🤓 Geek
🐈 Cat lover
📚 Bookworm
🧘 Meditator
🇺🇸 From the US
🇺🇦 Live in Ukraine


📫 hello@derekkedziora.com

💬 You can find me on LinkedIn, Twitter and GitHub.


The everything feed is for, well, everything.

If that’s too cluttered, you can get only longer posts, shorter posts, English guides and now updates separately.


This is a small b blog. It’s meant to be lighthearted, rough around the edges and an ongoing work in progress.

I use Jekyll to build a static site. View the source code on GitHub and local change log.

Matthew Butterick’s Practical Typography has heavily influenced my layout and typography choices.