A Few Words About Me

The author at a cafe

I work as a content designer and UX writer, but I’m a geek at heart. For professional stuff, check out my CV and portfolio.

I was born in the US, although my English teaching career took me to Kyrgyzstan, China and Saudi Arabia before landing me in Ukraine, where I’ve lived since 2010.

For fun I take long bike rides around Kyiv, read tons of paper books, tinker around with programming and explore Buddhist philosophy.

Projects for 2020

I’m gathering useful resources for meditation in a new site. The current offering of meditation materials online is sad mix of New Age woo and marketing. I’ve only started, but go ahead and take a peak at the Meditator’s Craft.

I’m switching to an iPad as my main personal computing device. I’m finding this is a great way to work for writers. If the iPad thing works out, migrating from Jekyll to Publish is in the cards.

Social without Social Media

Running a small-scale blog brings back a tiny part of the web we lost. One of my favorite things about this is when people stumble across my blog and then reach out to me. I’ve had some great conversations about programming, travel, life in Ukraine and meditation.

Email is the best way to contact me: derekkedziora@icloud.com

About this site

This site has been a journey in learning the basics of programming and design over the years. I started with a blank Jekyll theme and have since hand coded the entire site.

View the source code.