Derek Kedziora with a friendly smile

I’m a content designer at Hubs in Amsterdam. Before that, I led Wix’s Kyiv-based UX writers.

I’ve always been a language geek and tech obsessed, hence a career in content design. Along the way, my original career was teaching English, which has allowed me to work and live in China, Saudi Arabia, Ukraine and now the Netherlands.

I was born and raised in Arizona, but I’ve traded the sunshine and warmth of Phoenix for Amsterdam—with no regrets. I’m an urbanist at heart and love everything about the walkability, amazing infrastructure and, of course, the bikes! Nonetheless, the city I’ve lived in the longest, and feels more like home than any other, is Kyiv, Ukraine.

Spending the day lost in a book is about the only thing I prefer to cycling or on a long meandering walk. I like tinkering around with programming—like building this site or spending hours to automate tasks that take a few seconds.

I used to do a meditation retreat every year, circumstances have obviously made that harder. But, I’m still deeply interested in Buddhism and other practical philosophies of life.

My wife and I are the willing victims of a cat that loves nothing more than jumping on our heads at 3 AM.

I keep this blog, because I like the old internet of random people creating and sharing. Please get in touch or follow my RSS feed (if you’re new to RSS, check out my RSS guide). If you’re interested in the tech side of this side, it’s open source on GitHub.