About Me

Somehow I went from American suburbia to teaching English abroad and somehow landed managing the marketing department at a Ukrainian tech company. The details are fuzzy, but it’s been a good ride.

My day job

I’m more of a writer than anything else. The vast majority of my working day is devoted to creating, polishing and editing content—everything from technical documentation, to marketing copy for websites, emails and blog posts.

I spent a good chunk of my twenties teaching English in China, Saudi Arabia and Ukraine. That’s how I came to love travel and eventually settled in Ukraine more or less permanently.

Outside of work

I spend all three warm weekends a year biking around Kyiv. Being outside and active is what keeps me mostly sane.

Philosophy, finding a meaningful way to live, has always drawn my interest. My bookshelf is well stocked, mostly non-fiction, but I’ve been trying to get myself to read more fiction. I blog about, consequently spending a lot of time thinking about, the intersection of philosophy, the tech world, ethics and modernity.

I have a flair for Zen paradoxes:

boundless joy is realizing there is no happiness

From Suan Mokkh

I’m a daily meditator and devote a lot of my mental energy to the study of early Buddhism. It’s amazing how material from 2,500 years ago can be so post-modern.