About Me

Derek Kedziora with a friendly smile

I’m Derek Kedziora. Since growing up in the American Southwest, I’ve spent the majority of my adult life in Ukraine with stops in Saudi Arabia and China along the way.

I love language and linguistics. From the simple joys of living in a multilingual city to spending my professional life fine tuning text. My first career was teaching English, my second career is in content design and UX writing.

Tinkering with web stuff is a hobby. I enjoy building simply static sites, putzing around with code and spending hours to automatic tasks that would take seconds to do manually.

I have lots of books and have even read a lot of them. I do a silent meditation retreat most years. The best way to relax is a 100km bike ride.


I enjoy getting email and love discussing posts, helping out with Jekyll questions and rockin’ the old internet vibes.


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You can also find me on LinkedIn, Twitter and GitHub, although I’m not that active on social media.


If you’re new to RSS, check out my intro to RSS that explains what it is and why you should use it.

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I use Jekyll to build a static site and serve it over GitHub Pages. View the source code on GitHub.

Source Serif Pro is my typeface of choice. I prefer serif fonts for longer body text, but I also like a cleaner, modern feel. This fits the bill. My typography and design choices are heavily influenced by Matthew Butterick’s Practical Typography.

My blogging philosophy is small b blogging. I use this space to tinker with ideas, play around with programming and design. Plus, it’s nice having a small home on the web.