Since we’re all talking about Twitter

I’ll make my own list of likely and less likely improvements I’m hoping for under Twitter’s new management:

That said, I actually like Twitter. It’s a fast and public way to share information that doesn’t have any true competitor for now. There are frivolous tweets — cats in art account 😻 — niche interests, professional content and great journalism. And there’s a whole lot of nonsense that I don’t follow or block so that it never bothers me.

For those hand wringing over a tech billionaire controlling speech by owning Twitter (I think the argument is something like giving people I disagree with free speech is restricting my rights, but I digress), there’s a far more serious media monopoly problem:

Today, Comcast, Disney, AT&T, Sony, Fox, and Paramount Global control 90% of what you watch, read, or listen to. These companies spend millions on lobbying each year to sway legislation in their favor.

There’s a much deeper censorship problem with any major Western outlet afraid to run content that isn’t fawning of China. “Mainstream media” routinely hides that guests are lobbyists making paid appearances. Then there are dubious “experts” just parroting popular talking points.

These are far more serious issues than a certain orange buffoon being allowed to tweet again, which seems to be causing existential dread in some circles right now.

Sometimes people openly say what they mean, such as this New Yorker piece:

The world’s richest man seems intent on preserving Twitter as a means for himself and others to continue influencing vast audiences without interference.

How horrendous that the filtering class, which has gotten so many things flat out wrong over the past few years, isn’t allowed to control every single bit of speech!