About This Site

I started this site in 2016 as a way to digitize my lessons as an English teacher.

It’s since grown around my interests in tech, writing, meditation and my stack of books.

I’m a proponent of small b blogging and see this my site part of the web we lost. That’s why I write about what I find interesting, don’t care about SEO and monetization.

Technical details

I use Jekyll to build a static site that’s served over GitHub Pages. Check out my source code.

My goals are speed, simplicity and longevity. Thus, my site is static HTML, CSS and a few JavaScript progressive enhancements. I can only scratch my head at using something like Gatsby for blog posts.

Jekyll things

My most popular blog post is about adding a dark mode toggle.

I get a fair bit of email about my random post link.

You can see these on my demo site.

My next project is turning my current design into an easy to install or fork theme.


I’m a typography nerd. If you haven’t done so already, read Butterick’s Practical Typography. My design and typography choices are deeply influenced by Butterick.

If you’re on an Apple device, you’re seeing Iowan Old Style. Most other devices should get Palatino, and an unlucky few are stuck with the default serif font.