Asimov’s Foundation, Apple’s Foundation

I don’t dislike Apple’s Foundation. But it’s not Asimov’s foundation.

The thing is, Asimov’s Foundation is very much a product of its era and medium of connected short stories. Any adaptation to TV would have to make some serious changes, largely because the entire Second Foundation communicated mentally. That doesn’t make for good TV, but is fine for writing.

I could see a fair adaption also bringing in the Second Foundation earlier, which would make an interesting tension with a three-way race between the First Foundation, Second Foundation, and the Mule.

Revealing Demerzel earlier also adds some interest, which a TV series needs. But destroying Asimov’s whole laws of robotics was unnecessary.

In the end, Apple’s Foundation is a completely different critter without any of the 1940s–1950s sci-fi vibe of the original. Which raises the question, why not just create an original series?