Telegram stories

My initial reaction to seeing that Telegram is launching stories was to roll my eyes at yet more FOMO-driven product development.

But thinking about it, there’s more to it. The whole concept scratches a very primordial need to share something ephemeral with an audience, wether that be just some friends or “followers”.

Thinking more about it, my notes are the indie web version of stories. I publish some fleeting thoughts and don’t make them easy to find after their expiration date — the permalinks still work, they’re removed from the site navigation and blocked from search engines.

There’s something nice about that. I like writing, sharing, refining my thoughts in public. I really appreciate emails and feedback. But I’m not so keen for random thoughts of mine from years ago being a click away from a homepage that’s in my real name. The internet doesn’t seem to get that people change and grow.