The NYT and India

Jatan sent me his own article about low-quality journalism: The New York Times continues to misrepresent Indian space. I recommend going through the examples, which are, unfortunately, typical of the Times.

To quote from the conclusion:

It might seem to some that I’m nitpicking but consider that a renowned publication with their (outsized) influence forms, shapes, and bends people’s opinions at scale. It’s an ability the NYT must certainly be aware of. With the responsibility it brings, not only should they know better but be mindful of the impact of the reporting tone alone.

It baffles me that the New York Times, a publication capable of hiring reporters, writers, and freelancers dedicated to covering niche beats—and that too locally as needed—either cannot find anyone suitable enough to get the most basic facts about Indian space right or simply doesn’t care to.

I don’t get it. The NYT has the resources to be so much better, and they just aren’t.

And if you think it’s only this topic that the NYT and other Western outlets are wrong about, keep in mind Gell-Man Amnesia.