Idyllic places

The Guardian loves running stories about idyllic places that serve as an example of house society could be.

  1. The Denmark secret: how it became the world’s most trusting country – and why that matters [link]
  2. ‘You can do anything here!’ Why Lithuania is the best place in the world to be young [link]
  3. Free lunches, brain breaks and happy teachers: why Estonia has the best schools in Europe [link]

What The Guardian doesn’t write about is that these are places that paper bashes for not being woke enough, not going all in on gender ideology, or not being “diverse” enough — which is particularly amusing as “diversity” basically means a colonial and slaving past.

Crucially, and what I think nearly every Anglo-American take misses, is that you can’t create these places through either left or right-wing politics. Boring, practical, and non-reactionary politics are a result of stable communities.