Not being first

From Scott Galloway:

The tech press has spent the past 18 months telling us Apple is behind on AI. While in the next breath reporting on the AI gaffes produced by its rivals. And that’s the point. Apple is always behind. Apple is a distinctly inventive company — its $30 billion R&D budget generates 2,000+ patents per year. But it’s mainly improving vs. inventing: ways to more precisely cut white cardboard boxes to deliver its new devices; new glues to bond layers of glass and plastic together in its phones. For the big stuff, like the mouse, digital music, and multitouch screens, it lets someone else traverse the Sierra Nevadas first.

The larger point is being the first to invent a new class of technology is rarely a road to financial success.

It’s hard to convince others at a tech company that you don’t win anything by rushing. Take your time and get it right. Don’t release a hacky MVP without a polished UX, most of the time.