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Instead of social media updates, I keep a now page inspired by Derek Sivers.

It went from cold and rainy to hot overnight. Now it finally feels like summer.

Working on my UX Certification from the Nielsen Norman Group. Most of my knowledge in the field is self-taught plus a mix of trial and error. This is filling in some of the gaps that come along with that approach. I’ve completed 3 out of 5 classes, so far highly recommended.

I read through the Sabbath by Abraham Herschel (ht: Austin Kleon). For those of us who grew up in American culture, there’s something hard about embracing the restorative and spiritual dimensions of rest and having time set aside for nothing.

This whole notion must seem odd to Germans and other Europeans where shops are closed by default on Sundays. Unlearning the always-on mindset takes time.

In that spirit, I’ve been enjoying an otherwise lazy summer. Reading bits and pieces, but mostly finding time to relax, take long walks and enjoy time with friends.

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