What I Read

It’s a constant struggle to stay informed and discover new ideas without information overload.

Following a few good blogs and podcasts gives me a far better view than chasing up-to-the-second headlines.


No Mercy / No Malice by Scott Galloway.
A healthy dose of tech and free market scepticism without a far left agenda. Direct link to the RSS feed.

Seth Godin’s Blog is worth a read for anyone who writes, and by extension tells stories.

Signal v. Noise by Basecamp.
Yes, there’s a lot of self-promotion, but there’s also a lot of good stuff about office culture and tech.

Brad Frost’s blog hits all the things I like about web design: accessibility, semantic HTML, having fun with CSS and not going overboard with JS. The dual designer-developer perspective is quickly becoming a thing of the past.

Daring Fireball has tech news, politics and random tidbits.


I listen to ~10% of the episodes in my feed, but I’ve really come to appreciate a good, long podcast.

Stoic Meditations is short, to the point and just what I need most days.

Making Sense by Sam Harris covers the stuff I like: meditation, philosophy, politics.

The Joe Rogan Experience has some great shows and many complete flops.

I listen to the Tim Ferris Show for the guests.

The Portal has it’s moments but really depends on the guest.


If you’re not having fun on Twitter, you’re not doing it right.

@flightrader for general aviation buffs.

@shedd_aquarium has penguins. Enough said.

@pinboard to stay abreast of the big-bookmarking world.

@kottke is a throwback to simpler times on the internet.