Open Redesign

Other sites doing open redesigns inspired me to do one of my own (Frank Chimero is the best example).


The site is getting a little clunky with some completely unrelated content areas. I tried tweaking the navigation a bit and that only made things worse.

A quick peak into my CSS revealed a mess of unused rules. I’m inconsistently using tags and categories in Jekyll. My content is splintered into multiple RSS feeds.

This is from 4 years of randomly adding this and that with hacks and duct tape. Not bad, but it’s time to start from scratch and do better.

My Goals

My site should be fun in the old-school internet sort of way.

I’d like to showcase my better writing, both personal blog posts and professional work, without the clutter of content that’s gone stale.

The different streams of content (i.e. long form blog posts, more ephemeral posts, portfolio writigns and EFL materials) are both separated from each other yet easy to navigate to.

All updated need to be united in a single RSS feed.

A few minor design and typography changes for an overall refresh.

The Process

I first tried doing this in one go. Nope. Made zero real progress because it was always too much.

Thus I’ve broken this down into smaller, iterative chunks.

And to make it even more fun, I’m doing all of this from iPad.

To Do

I’m satisfied with the look and navigation of everything. All that’s left is to update the content on some of my pages.