Open Redesign

Other sites doing open redesigns inspired me to do one of my own (e.g. Frank Chimero). I like to tinker and tweak, so here are my current projects for the site.

Digital Gardening

I really like the idea of a digital garden and thinking in public. I’m working on connecting a few blog posts around topics that I keep coming back to, adding linking content, fleshing out ideas and getting feedback.

Minor Page Content

Blogrolls are great. I’m working at adding all of the RSS feeds, podcasts, newsletters I subscribe to into a big list with recommendations. Human curated content > algorithmically curated content.

Similarly, a human written “uses” page (without affiliate links) says more than any bought and paid for review or post stuffed with affiliate links.

These are more dorky and fun, but also useful for organizing my own thoughts.


I already use semantic HTML5, but there’s always room for more! I’m looking at adding more microdata so pages look better in read-it-later services, RSS and reader mode.

Typography and CSS tweaks

I don’t like my current underlined links, so will probably be change them to more standard colors.

Nailing dark mode typography is tricky. I’m still working with colors, letter spacing and the like.

My navigation and sitemap are a mess and need updating.

Making an official Jekyll theme

I’d like to make an abstracted version of this site so it’s easier for people to clone on GitHub and use elements (or all of it!) for their own sites. This is a long-term thing though…