Tools I Use

I’m an Apple fan and my productivity is deeply integrated with the ecosystem. With Shortcuts, I can automate a lot of tasks and get apps to work with each other. Handoff, a shared clipboard and using my iPad as a second display for my Mac are all daily parts of my workflow.


The new M1 MacBook Air is the laptop I’ve wanted for years. Light enough to go everywhere, great keyboard, powerful enough for everything I do and endless battery.

I love iPads for reading and light productivity, but I’m having a Goldilocks dilemna. My 3rd generation Air is nice, but not great if I need to hold it for hours while I’m reading a book. The current mini is too small, text is hard to read and most websites still fetch the mobile versions. I’m hoping the rumored mini refresh in 2021 hits the sweet spot.

Since I’m not much of a photographer, I’m happy with my iPhone XR.

The Apple Watch is more a toy than anything else. I don’t think I’d get another one.


I do most of my writing in iA Writer. Great on my computer, tablet and phone.

Things is how I organize information rather than a task manager for me.

Much of what I read online is via RSS. To sync my feeds and use a quick read-it-later service, I use Reeder. For long-term bookmark storage and organization, I use GoodLinks.

It’s maddening that Macs don’t have native window management: Magnet to the rescue.

Muzzle automatically turns off notifications when you screenshare. It’s a must in our overly Zoomed era.

Working Copy is my git client of choice. Looking forward to the upcoming Mac release.

The internet is unusable with an ad blocker such as Better Blocker.