What I Use

No affiliate links. Just stuff that I like and use.


Tablet: 3rd generation iPad air. Great device that I do most of my reading a good chunk of my writing on.

I tried to do the whole iPad only thing. It’s not there yet. Even basic programming requires a bunch of hacks. Really complex things (like doing taxes) need a big screen.

Computer: I’m coasting off of my work computer for now. I’m eying one of the 2020 MacBook Airs though.

I used to pluck my laptop on a desk and pluck away at it. Get a stand. Seriously. I have a Rain Design mStand and use a magic keyboard and trackpad.

Phone: iPhone XR. My first big phone. No complaints.

Watch: Series 3 Apple Watch. More toy than serious tool, but I do find the health tracking useful.


News Explorer is the best RSS reader out there and totally underrated. iCloud sync means I don’t need to use Feedly or another third party.

Reeder is my read it later app. Complete iCloud sync is the reason I use it, since it is lacking on features compared to Instapaper and Pocket (no tagging, folders or search).

Window snapping is bizarrely absent on Mac OS. Magnet does the trick.

Byword is my go-to markdown editor on the Mac, iA writer on the iPad.

I love Sublime Text, because it’s great for the light coding and text manipulation that I do. Most importantly, it’s not an electron app.