What I Use

Ad Blocker: Better Blocker is perfectly lightweight and works like a charm.

Markdown Editor: iA Writer. Works great on the iPad (where I do most of my writing), retains a minimal, uncluttered feel while being fully featured.

Music: Bandcamp. I prefer to buy and build my own library instead of streaming.

Read-it-Later: GoodLinks. Still needs some polish, but a solid app that syncs over iCloud.

Reddit: Apollo on mobile, old.reddit.com on desktop. Reddit could really be a case study in how a redesign ruined a product.

RSS: News Explorer. Great UI and syncs using iCloud.

Screensharing Protector: Muzzle. Automatically turns off notifications whenever you share your screen.

Window Manager: Magnet. Does exactly what I need with great keyboard shortcuts.


I have a love-hate relationship with the iPad. There’s something beautiful about it, but then there are so many rough edges in the software. I find that treating the iPad as a tablet rather than a laptop replacement has greatly improved my relationship with my iPad.

Things that need a lot of screen space are best left to a computer. Anything where you have run a local server is better on a laptop. Otherwise, I use my iPad for about 90% of my personal computing needs.

Besides the apps that I share with my work Mac, here’s what I find indispensable for my iPad and iPhone:

Textastic works for light coding.

Working Copy is the git client that lets me write and publish most of the content for this site on my iPad and occasionally phone.

Along with iA Writer, News Explorer and Goodlinks, these make my iPad a powerful device for reading and writing.

I’m also a Shortcuts power user. The key to the iPad, iPhone and Watch is digging into Shortcuts and Siri to make some awesome and personalized flows.