Now № 2

While it seems everyone is doing online courses, running marathons and baking sourdough, life has been pretty much the same for me. Yes, I’m working from my living room, but otherwise life goes on pretty much the same.

I’ve decided to put myself on a blogging schedule, largely inspired by the ultimate guide to writing online. I’m trying to write either one new post a week or significantly update an older post (like I did last week with my post on Antifragility).

I’m still plugging away at the site redesign.


I’ve been brushing up on the stoics over the past month. Massimo Pigliucci and William Irvine have some great resources that are a step up from some of the pop-stoicism out there.

Pigliucci’s Stoic Emergency Kit is both a good refresher and intro to Stoicism as a philosophy of life.


I never thought I’d rave about a TV show, but Apple’s Home is really cool.


In my spirit of buying an album a month, this month is Keith Jarrett’s Köln Concert. Hat tip to the book Messy that introduced me to Jarrett’s work.