Google vs. ProtonMail


TechCrunch article about ProtonMail not displaying on Google searches
Aeon article on search engines influencing elections
ProtonMail’s account of the incident

Pre-reading Questions

  1. Is Google a natural monopoly?
  2. Do natural monopolies require government action?
  3. What are the possible problems with an internet search engine gaining a monopoly?


amiss (adj.)
pertinent (adj.)
disinterested bystander (noun phrase)
antitrust, (adj.)
impede (regular verb)
break even (noun, verb or adj.)
forthcoming (adj.)
tight-lipped (adj.)
imperil (regular verb)
snuff out (regular verb)
fight tooth and nail (set expression)

Main Activity

Read the TechCrunch article to discuss the following questions:

  1. What is “search risk”?
  2. What steps can companies take to protect themselves from search risk?
  3. Is this a problem that the market can solve itself or does it require antitrust regulation?
  4. Have you used any alternatives to Google search?