Mettā at War

Concepts, Failures and Moving Forward

The Star Wars Prequels Are Actually Pretty Good

Book Notes: Dune

Тhe Sordid State of Apple’s Notifications

Modular typefaces

Be bold, be a boring a UX writer

Public and private selves

Chickens coming home to roost

The paper of record

Book notes: Snow Crash

Corona and Western Consensus Thinking

The Star Wars periphery

Western Consensus Thinking

Since we’re all talking about Twitter

Timeless tales

Techniques and philosophy

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Audience lock in

The imperialism of Chomsky

The Mriya

Wallpapers for Ukraine


Maria Prymachenko

Sources about the Russian invasion

Theater of the absurd

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The temporal limits of knowledge

The truth will set you free

Book review: the End of Eternity

Digital tidying: the links

Typography and history

Lying with the facts

Salt losing it’s savor

Making time to think

Book review: The Gods Themselves

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An Ideology, a Product

Designing Cages

A Month in the Netherlands

Quantitative Book Rankings

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Rage, Parallel Societies and Compliance

The Long Stroad Home

Interesting Reads October 2021

On Burnout, Values and Uncertainty


Knowledge and the Unknowable

What’s Worse than Death?

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UX Certification from NN/g

Beyond Burnout

Think of the Children

The News as Entertainment

The 5 Daily Reflections

The Broadway Paradox

Taking Time to Think

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This Is Temporary

Life around the Universe, Part II

Running — it’s been awhile

Atheism and Epistemological Humility

A Gentle Intro to RSS

No Opinion

The Numbing Agent

The Remote Productivity Myth

Kobo, the Almost Competition

Obviously Wrong Medical Advice

The Basecamp Drama

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Meta Politics

The Fading Index Fund Dream

People Who Buy Software

Not Going Viral, Not Making Money

Permission Management

A Mental Model Packed into a Word

Learning to Say No

The Bodies of McMansion Culture

Taming the Advice Monster

Self Virtue Signaling

Human Scale Measurements

Work Ethic in America

iOS Syncing Fixed on the M1

Ignoring Second Order Effects

The Internet as a Physical Thing

Managers’ Island

Fixing Culture the Wrong Way

The Cost of Dark Patterns

Innovation, Optimization and Creativity

Wrong Voice, Wrong Tone

Corona Puritanism

The M1 Has Potential Dealbreakers

The Conductor

Starting a Stream

Meditating Like a Scotsman

The Price of Freemium

Dropping the U-Word

Some Perspective on 2020

Translation vs. Localization


The Digital-Physical Divide

Questioning the Digital Narrative

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A UX Writing Crash Course

Why is the BBC using clickbait?

The Cathedral of the Open Web

Eudaimonia as the Goal of Buddhist Practice

Adding a Dynamic Now Page in Jekyll

Bringing New Life to an Old iPad

Bandcamp vs. Spotify

The Paucity of Good Design

It's Not the Whipping Boy's Fault

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Hey, the App I Wanted to Love

Reframing the Discussion

Modal Verbs of Probability

Remote is More than WFH

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The Power of the Unsaid

The Anthropology of Illness

The Curse of Witty UX Writing

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The Language of Quarantine

Peak Google: From Utility to Rent Seeking

The Curious Case of Bauhaus without Tel Aviv

K--v is the Capital of Ukraine

Dark Mode Revisited

Antifragility Beyond Taleb

The Just So Story of a Pronoun

Keeping Politics Out of Identity

My Midsummer Reading List

Life around the Universe

Self-Driving Cars Are Corporate FOMO

Why B2B Marketers Shouldn't Growth Hack

What I'm Reading: Early 2019

Socialism: What's in a Word?

Democracy on Life Support

Bloggers, Managers and Marketers

Data Driven Marketing in a Web of Fake Data

Shame, Tribes and Dispersion

Apple's Creeping Ads

The Absurdity of Data-ism

Meditation Retreat at Dipabhāvan

The Curated Internet

The Era of Minority Rule

The Mythology of Silicon Valley

I Didn’t Opt In

Centered Text Is Lazy

Archiving Bullshit

The Joy of Fiction and Useless Things

Subscriptions and Tech Medley

Ghosting and Digital Culture

The Bullshit of Modern Work

Should Have vs. Must Have

Spiritual Frameworks

The Tyranny of Libertarianism

Хватить учиться, английский не нужен

The Keyes Constant

Deleting Facebook

Intellectual Laziness

Technology Won't Solve Political Problems

Free Will in the Era of Alternative Facts

Will is the Fake Future

Deep Work is the Reward itself

Staying Informed without the News

How to Create a Random Post Link in Jekyll

Bitcoin, Ethics and Dopamine Hits

How to Make a Tag Page in Jeykll

Feeding the Mind

Ten Days of Meditation at Suan Mokkh

The Need for Darkness

Non-Theistic Spirituality

Reclaiming a Love for the Elements

A Three-Day Fast

Giving Up On the Gym

Practicing Compassion and Emptiness

Exposing Educators to Risk

Developing Right Speech

Thinking in the Pirahã Language

A Martyr for Clear Writing

Plato Ruined your English

Common Mistakes in English

How to Study English Independently

Using Should Politely

Past and Present Perfect

Yes and No

Topic Marking

Vestigial Structures in Language

Languages, Efficiency and Logic

Adjectives with -ing and -ed