The Limits of Productivity

Robert Gorden’s The Rise and Fall of American Growth is the nucleus that the rest of the articles revolve around. Far from the a techno-utopian vision of the future, Gordon argues that the tech revolution is hyped and that the great age of economic growth in the developed world is over.

The Reading List

  1. Let’s start off with an article from the Economist showing that productivity growth has been anemic across developed economies: The Curious Case of Missing Global Productivity Growth.
  2. The second part of the first article presents a different argument that blames established companies for the economy becoming non-productive: Attack of the Zombie Firms.
  3. G Force is the Economist’s original book review of The Rise and Fall of American Growth.
  4. Hail the Maintainers takes the same topic in an altogether different direction: most of the labor in an economy is devoted to the maintenance of infrastructure rather than innovation.