They’re racists, right?

September 8th, 2022

The NYT morning newsletter ran this blurb that almost bordered on introspection:

Truss’s new cabinet, announced this week, on the one hand puts Britain indisputably ahead of many other European countries in the diversity of its political elite. But a significant number of its members were educated at private schools, as critics have observed — proof that social class, rather than race or gender, is perhaps the more telling dividing line in British politics.

The diversity of the cabinet can be traced to a former prime minister, David Cameron, who, after becoming party leader in 2005, altered the selection process for potential Conservative lawmakers. That tack effectively forced local parties to choose more diverse parliamentary candidates.

Priorities: Greater ethnic and gender diversity has not changed the policies of successive Conservative governments, which have grown increasingly hard-line on immigration and often embraced tax cuts and other economic policies that tend to favor wealthy people.

So conservative governments put together more diverse leadership than liberal governments, if diversity means more women and ethnic minorities. So maybe those on the left can stop screaming that conservatives are all racists and misogynists?

Probably not. It’s brilliantly effective at destroying the opposition and turning every discussion into pointless identity politics rather than talking about substantive issues.